Company ProfileFoshan Jiabo Sanitary Products Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the OEM of sanitary napkins. The company's business philosophy is " care for you, love the world ". The company's positioning is to provide one-stop OEM services for sanitary napkin retailers and wholesalers.

  • 1992 year

    Company Founded
  • 30 year

    Sanitary Napkin OEM Experience
01We are a sanitary napkin manufacturer with perfect modern management.

Foshan Jiabo has a high-standard clean production workshop of 10,000 square meters, a production team of more than 100 people, and a machine repair and debugging team of more than 10 people. The production workshop is equipped with an air shower system and a workshop viewing platform, which is convenient for customers to inspect the actual situation of the factory. Foshan Jiabo has a warehouse area of more than 5,000 square meters, which can meet the storage and turnover requirements of raw materials and costs. In addition, we also have large model rooms and conference rooms, which are convenient for guests to conduct business negotiations. Our company has a well-organized structure, with business department, e-commerce operation department, document department, design department, production department, machine repair department, packaging department, quality inspection department, quality control department, warehouse management department, finance department and other departments. A modern enterprise integrating management, production and sales.

02We have 12 sanitary napkin production lines with sufficient production capacity.

Foshan Jiabo Company has a total of 12 production lines of feminine sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, with an annual output of over 1 billion sanitary napkins. The types of sanitary napkin production line mainly include Straight bag, Individual bag, Pocket bag.The main size are 155, 180, 190, 245, 290, 338, 380, 420mm. The production line adopts closed management, with automatic material changing and splicing device, sanitary napkins or sanitary pads are all formed at one time, and there is no manual touch in the whole process. The sanitary napkin production line is also equipped with stain detection, metal detection, intelligent inspection and inspection detection, mirror detection, and automatic waste kicking function system to ensure that each piece of sanitary napkin is in line with national standards. The production workshop is irradiated and sterilized by ultraviolet lamps every day, and microbial sampling tests are carried out on the machine table, object table, air, etc. of the workshop more than twice a month.
The back end of the sanitary napkin production line is equipped with 3 fully automatic servo packaging machines. If customers have special customization requirements, we can use semi-automatic packaging machines to package sanitary napkins. At present, there are more than ten semi-automatic packaging machines of various types. In addition, we also have several coding machines and labeling machines.

  • 10000 10,000 m2 of factory area
  • 100 Over 100 workers
  • 10 Annual output over 1 billion pcs
  • 12 12 high-speed production lines
03The company has a strict quality management system to ensure quality.

We have our own laboratory and testing center. The testing equipment includes UV analyzer, fungal incubator, bacterial incubator, leakage simulation support table, formaldehyde analyzer, drying oven, ozone disinfection cabinet, adhesive stripping machine, etc. Each batch of finished sanitary napkins will be sampled, and the samples will be sent to the local quality measurement and testing center to issue a test report. The content of the test report includes length test, strip quality test, water absorption rate test, absorption speed test, pH value test, formaldehyde content test, migratory fluorescent substance test, delivery moisture test, adhesive peel strength test, bacterial colony count test, Fungal colony count detection, etc., to ensure that each sanitary napkin meets the requirements of national quality standards.

04We have passed many certifications and sell globally.

Our company has passed ISO9001 certification, and can provide SGS certificate, GOST certificate, CE certificate, dozens of product patent certificates, as well as high-tech enterprise certificate and disinfection product production enterprise health license and other certificates, so as to meet domestic trade and Certificate requirements for foreign trade customers.

05We can help you with multi-dimensional customization of sanitary napkins to meet your various customization needs and make your products unique!

We focus on feminine sanitary napkin OEM/ODM OEM customization services, including fabric customization, chip customization, material weight control, bottom film customization, wrapping customization, packaging customization and other detailed requirements customization. We strive to make your customized sanitary napkin products meet the precise needs of market segments, with first-class quality and competitive prices to stand out in the fierce market competition.

06Decades of industry experience, to give you professional services!

Foshan Jiabo has been deeply involved in the sanitary napkin OEM industry for more than 30 years. It has rich experience in sanitary napkin OEM, and has hundreds of brand OEM cases. Welcome to the factory or inquire!