The benefits of sanitary napkin OEM Issuing time : 2021-09-02

The benefits of sanitary napkin OEM

1. Help realize the materialization of the brand.

If you have your own sanitary napkin brand design idea, but cannot produce it due to some subjective and objective reasons. We all know that a brand has no value if it cannot be combined with a product. Fortunately, you can turn your idea into a complete sanitary napkin branded product with the power of a sanitary napkin foundry, realizing the brand's own value.

2. Control costs and increase profits.

After some sanitary napkin brand owners develop and grow, they want to grow by themselves, but due to lack of production experience or lack of production conditions, there may be situations such as low quality of sanitary napkins or too much waste, resulting in low profits. If you cooperate with OEM companies, there will be no such troubles. This is a win-win strategy.

3. Guarantee delivery time and stable supply.

There are some big sanitary napkin brands, they will look for several sanitary napkin manufacturers to process sanitary napkin products. Because each sanitary napkin factory has its own production schedule, and the production capacity of each sanitary napkin is different, the delivery time will fluctuate slightly. Increasing the number of sanitary napkin foundries will stabilize its own supply chain and achieve stable delivery times.

4. Better customized your product

Choose a sanitary napkin factory, they will give you a lot of professional advice, such as which fabric is better? Which chip is more popular? How to design the packaging to look better and so on. Customers quickly improve your product advantage.

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