• We has a modern production workshop.

    Foshan Jiabo has a self-built workshop of 10,000 square meters and 12 fully automatic production lines with a production capacity of 1 million pieces per day. The production line is fully sealed and not touched by human hands. The production line is equipped with a stain detection system to eliminate defective products. After the sanitary napkin is completed, it will be automatically transferred to the automatic packing machine for automatic packaging, which greatly improves the production capacity.

  • Our workshop has a clean production environment.

    Foshan Jiabo has a clean workshop production environment. When entering the workshop, employees should wear dust caps, wear dust-proof clothes, and clean their hands. And then through the air shower system to enter the workshop work. We also have an independent viewing platform, where customers can see the specific situation of production without entering the workshop.

  • We have independent laboratories and testing capabilities.

    We have independent high-standard laboratories. We have UV fluorometer, fungal incubator, bacteria incubator, formaldehyde tester, leakage support table, adhesive stripper, ozone disinfection cabinet and other instruments. We carry out a number of experimental tests such as water absorption rate, absorption speed, penetration, formaldehyde, fluorescence, shipping moisture, adhesive peeling force, PH value, etc. to ensure quality.

  • We can provide various certificates.

    Foshan Jiabo has a sanitary license for disinfection product manufacturing enterprises, a number of patent certificates, and certificates issued by domestic and foreign authoritative organizations such as FDA, CE, GOTS, ISO9001, and SGS.